Online Learning

Here you find prerecorded Online Courses for your individual movement practice:

Are you a movement teacher? Learn new skills to gain more students & keep your lessons fresh and interesting.

Are you a movement practicioner? Develope your practice, take the content presented and let yourself be inspired for your own online course!

Are you a beginner? Don’t look further, the course presented has a step by step approach for all levels.

Or an advanced mover? Fill in the gaps in your pratice, develope new patterns and research the hell out of it!

The Floor Climbers Online Course offers you a unique way of starting or evolving your personal movementpractice.

Learn the most common crawls ( lizards etc. ), climbs and more with a step by step approach.


+ 87 Lessons

+ Crawls, Steps, Climbs and more.

+ an uncommon Lower Body Protocol

+ Movement Games

+All lessons come with video and written intructions

+ The course comes with a progressive trainingplan for every section

+ Access is granted for a lifetime

Throughout the course you will built:

– Strength

– Mobility

– Agility

– Flowwork

– and many more aspects.

Enroll via the Link: